Brick Replacement Service: Reseeding bricks

Brick Replacement Service is an installation built for Dezeen space in September 2011.

It is a 1m x 1m hand powered ‘factory’ producing ‘Reseeding Bricks’; a replacement brick for encouraging plant life and growth in the city.

The bricks are made up of a compressed soil clay mix with a binder, and contain a multitude of seeds; from herbs and grasses to wild flowers and trees, packed into a cuboid the same dimensions as a London brick they can be placed in holes in walls or built into entirely new structures. Over time blooming into pocket meadows in the city.

We worked closely with Henry Lawrence in the concept development, design and build.

Many thanks to Zahra Shahabi for her fantastic photography.

The factory has gone onto show in a number of exhibitions beginning with Dezeen space during London Design Festival 2011, going onto Designers Block in 2011, Interiors UK in 2012, and final for ‘Ideas on a postcard‘ with Architecture for humanity. It was also selected as one of Kevin McClouds Green Heroes in 2011.