For London Design Festival 2012 we packed up us much of our 205 square metre studio as we could and condensed it into just five square metres at design show Tent London, where worked to a new brief every day producing models, sketches and prototypes.

The space was equipped with a small number of the tools from the JAILmake studio along with texture samples, a library of ‘reference objects’ and basic materials (clay, wire, card, paper, timber).

Tom Dixon & Be Open Exhibition Space

JAILmake and PAN Studio were asked to design pop-up exhibition stalls for the Be Open Space, an instant flash market for emerging designers at Tom Dixon Studios, part of London Design Festival.

In keeping with the notion of immediacy presented by Be Open Space, the entire installation was conceived, designed, and built within 7 days.

The Birthorderplus.com space was open during London Design Festival 2012.

Exhibitors included: Tom Dixon, Studio Toogood, Traces, Technology will save us, Awosile & Tikau.

Lowe and Partners’ Nova Award Installation

Kin asked us to work with them and develop a project commissioned by advertising agency Lowe & Partners; to create an installation for their Nova award. The award gives the top 30 students from Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design an opportunity to showcase their work.

We were briefed to make the installation with a new interior scheme for Lowe that referenced a gentlemens club.

In the installation a solid oak plinth that sits within 4 gilt frames. The frames have screens hidden within them. at the edge of the installation a series of wooden RFID cards are hung; each one with a different student name on it. Staff within Lowe take a wooden card and place it within the frame. As the card is placed inside the frame, the students work magically appears on the plinth.

First Branch

First-branch is for when you want to climb a tree, but the first branch is just out of reach.

The small oak step straps securely around the trunk of the tree providing the extra boost enabling you to begin exploring.

The first branch is made in English Oak with a cotton ratchet strap, it will pack down small enough to fit in your bag to take up to the park, and if the first branch is really far away you can always get two.

They come in a screen-printed canvas bag, with instructions, and are all hand made here in South London.

Brick Replacement Service: Reseeding Bricks

Brick Replacement Service is an installation built for Dezeen space in September 2011.

It is a 1m x 1m hand powered ‘factory’ producing ‘Reseeding Bricks’; a replacement brick for encouraging plant life and growth in the city.

The bricks are made up of a compressed soil clay mix with a binder, and contain a multitude of seeds; from herbs and grasses to wild flowers and trees, packed into a cuboid the same dimensions as a London brick they can be placed in holes in walls or built into entirely new structures. Over time blooming into pocket meadows in the city.